Australian Trick to Take Over Papua Once Again

When there are conflicts in Papua related with its independencies, there are some activists from Australia that came to help the local people in Papua. Those activists said that they want to help to free west Papua. Even though this kind of thing seems to be something helpful, especially for many people who want the independence of west Papua, this one is quite suspicious. That is because there are some people who tried to relate the political condition between these three parties. The parties are Indonesia, west Papua, and Australia.

There are not many people who understand that Australia has a good relation with Netherland. As an addition to that, when Netherlands tried to keep Papua out from Indonesia, Australia is one of the countries that spread out that west Papua news. To make it simple, Australia was actually helping the Netherlands people to keep Papua within their domination at that time. That is why when there is a conflict in west Papua and Australia tried to help, there will be a lot of questions about that. There will be a lot of people who are asking the real intention of those activists to help west Papua to be independent.

It is true that there is no one that will fully understand the real intention of those activists from Australia. However, considering the events that happened in the past, it is not a bad thing for the people to stop trusting those Australian activists. That is because the west Papua conflict is already something worse. To make it even worse, there will always be some parties that want to take the advantage of this kind of situation. Because of that reason, it is better for all of the people to think carefully before doing something that will give the decent impact in the future.


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